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Fired up! Three Keys to Avoid Burnout in Business

By Andrea Anderson

Knowing where and how you are called in the business world is exciting! Those God-given dreams and visions pull you forward and give greater significance to your life. Yet, there also is an enemy at work who will do what he can to hinder you along the way - including using burnout. Here are three keys to spot and avoid it.

1. Turn it over to God: When you have a specific calling or purpose in business, it can be easy to cross over from taking steps of faith and obedience, to clinging to your own ideas or expectations of what it “should” look like and how it should go. Since God allows you to make your own choices, He will let you do that for a while, but eventually, you will wear yourself out because you are operating in your own strength, not His. This is why adopting a posture of humility and laying down your own thoughts and desires is critical. When you do that, you will find you are able to consistently renew your strength because God is equipping you - even through times of intense work.

2. Operate in alignment: That first key helps with this one. One of the biggest mistakes I see women making, especially in business, is not operating in alignment with the Lord, how He created them, and the desires He placed on their hearts. Striving for success and comparison are often at the root of throwing you out of alignment. Whenever you try to do business from a place of misalignment, it creates stress in your body. Eventually, that stress erodes your energy and confidence, leading to burnout. Whereas, when you are aligned with the Lord and the exact steps He wants you to take, your body, mind, soul and spirit experience peace. That peace brings rest which contributes to your energy flow.

3. Steward your body well: As a Wellness Legacy Coach, I couldn’t leave this one out. However, it’s also the key many women ignore or push far down their priority list either from guilt in taking the time to care for their bodies, seeing it as a hindrance to the success they want to achieve, or both. The reality is it’s impossible to stay fired up, energized, and confident if you are fueling your body with foods that contribute to fatigue, inflammation, and bloat, sacrificing sleep over your to do list and forgoing activities that contribute to fitness to keep your body functioning and moving as God intended. At some point, your body will have enough, which can then show up as burnout. Yet stewarding your body well isn’t just good business sense, it’s also a way to honor the Lord since your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.

So, take a moment to prayerfully consider which of the above areas God may be asking you to focus on to stay fired up. Then ask Him to show you one step that you can take to address that area.

If you want to learn more about how to steward your body well, to stay fired up, and in alignment with the Lord, connect with me (Andrea) through or on Instagram @thechristianhealthcoach.

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